Where does spaghetti ice cream come from?

Where does spaghetti ice cream come from?

We Germans definitely have our advantages: Always on time, hard working and where German quality is on it, you can also rely on quality. In addition, we always grumble stoically about the weather and if something doesn’t suit us, it’s either the one up there or the foreigner to blame – but preferably both together.

But we also have some things in common with the rest of humanity and that includes, among other things, an occasionally lost sense of taste. In the end, for example, a hunter schnitzel comes out that is actually just a breaded slice of hunting sausage with ketchup, Hawaiian pizza or spaghetti ice cream.

And I just haven’t understood the latter until today. I mean, any food that looks different than it tastes has been nothing new for a long time and especially in molecular cuisine that is practically the order of the day – but spaghetti ice cream has nothing to do with it and is also not special refined. Much more: It doesn’t even look like spaghetti, because people always make silly towers out of it (which nobody does with spaghetti) and the sauce doesn’t exactly contribute to the deception either.

Plus, in the end, it’s just vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce – perhaps the most exciting thing is the white, grated chocolate. But spaghetti ice cream is still a real thing in 2020 and is very popular with (far too) many, so The Great Big Story once got to the origin of spaghetti ice cream. And of course, they found what they were looking for:

You don’t need a fork to eat this plate of spaghetti. Just a spoon will do. And that’s because it’s not actually spaghetti. It’s Spaghettieis—vanilla ice cream noodles topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings. Dario Fontanella, the inventor of spaghetti ice cream, invites us into his dessert shop in Mannheim, Germany to sample this ice-cold treat. Did we mention it’s served on a bed of whipped cream?

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