What’s up “The royal family of the Netherlands sold 98,000 babies who were raped or sacrificed in orgies!”

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The Croatian website istinomprotivlazi.info reported the sensation on September 29, 2016: “Alleged report:” The royal family of the Netherlands sold 98,000 babies that were raped or sacrificed in orgies! “, Without any source, testimony or evidence being given.

This message will then be adopted by freeworldnews.us on February 19, 2021 and immediately shared on social media, no one apparently checks where the news comes from or by whom it was published and when.

The last mentioned website freeworldnews.us spreads unchecked reports again and again, without their own editorial team, everything is posted and published via Google translator – what journalistic competence does such a site have to distribute the above report?

If you want to read facts from real eyewitnesses, then here: Witness: Ritual child murder by the Dutch crown (video) or here: Aboriginal survivor of a boarding school says the Queen of England abducted children in Canada (videos) Yes, children are disappearing, will traded, as the article below partly shows, but the rest of the message about the Dutch royal family is simply dubious.

Here is the supposed sensation, since we don’t speak Croatian, we had to translate it via Google and touch it up by hand as best we can, please for your understanding:

The theft of children is systematically carried out by humanitarian organizations in order to introduce (micro) chips so that they can be more easily “found” by the same people who organize and finance these kidnappings!

It is estimated that around 8 million children are missing each year, including children who have run away from home and those who have been abducted.

Many missing children are known to be slaves to child prostitution, pedophilia, forced labor, organ harvesting, and forced war. The question is – where are our children going? In its February 2014 report, ICMEC reported a 40% increase in the number of reports of missing children. A UK study cites an incredible 88% increase over the past decade.

“Our babies were stolen from a maternity hospital in Rijeka and sold to wealthy couples abroad,” say two mothers who gave birth to healthy boys and were left without them!

A story for a script. After one of them gave birth to a healthy boy, petted him briefly and handed him over to his sister, all traces of him were lost.

The father was told that the child and the woman were fine and that they should not be admitted to the maternity hospital. That same evening, the nurse informed the mother that the child was sick and was being examined by a doctor, but she did not say what it was about. The next morning she was told that he died that night.

They didn’t explain why the baby died. The doctor who gave birth said the body had already been switched to pathology. The father went and asked the pathologist to see his son, but he was not there. During the next three days the father looked for the child, but the pathologist replied that the body had not arrived.

The doctor then informed them that they had already sent the baby to the morgue. They went to the cemetery and saw a handkerchief and a cross with their son’s name on it, but no one could confirm that their child was buried there.

The parents did not receive a birth certificate or a discharge letter for the newborn or even a death certificate from the hospital. They paid a detective who discovered that the hospital documents were forged.

The other mother was hospitalized in labor. The doctors told her after the exam that the baby had died in the womb. There were only two doctors at birth. Without nurses and other staff. But the mother felt the baby moving in her womb all the time and after the birth specifically asked the doctor to show her the baby.

They gave her a glimpse, but she became numb and couldn’t remember anything. When she woke up, the mother asked again about the baby’s body because she remembered the fool’s pink skin and didn’t look dead. In the morning, the father was told that the placenta had suffocated the baby and that it was the hospital’s responsibility to bury it. The body disappeared, they received forged documents from the hospital because the data did not match.

Children are mostly bought by pedophiles! The prices are between 15,000 and 40,000 euros

In Serbia, parents have set up an internet station for missing babies www.kradjabeba.org, which talks about the disappearance of babies from maternity homes in Serbia. Last year, a chain of doctors, priests and nuns was discovered in Spain who had stolen more than 30,000 babies from their parents.

“All my life I knew that something was wrong, that I wasn’t one of them. In my Danish family everyone is blue, their eyes and hair are like that and I am black. And then my mother came up to me and admitted what they had been hiding from me for years. They bought me for 20,000 marks from the Center for Social Work ”, is the shocking story of Anders Olsen, who lives in Copenhagen and was actually born in Vojvodina.

An additional shock for Anders followed when his Danish parents told him that the sister he grew up with was actually a baby born in Sabac, Serbia.

The two belong to an “army” of 10,000 babies whose parents in Serbia have been told over the past forty years that their children died in maternity homes immediately after birth when they were actually sold and adopted. Babies who have found a home with other parents can also be referred to as “happy” babies, in relation to tens of thousands of those who were raped and sacrificed in rituals as ancient animals in honor of the gods.

Social theft services, registry office persons, some doctors, and some senior police services are most involved in theft of newborn babies.

The scheme is largely the same. After a few days, the babies were pronounced dead, and in almost 99 percent of the cases, the parents were not allowed to see the dead child with the explanation that they might be experiencing trauma that could affect the next pregnancy. Basically everyone was told the same stories that started with “You are still young, there will be children”!

Is USAID behind the organized smuggling of children and human organs?

The shocker! Order here!

The most recent case where the stolen baby’s father, Damir Majstorović, directly and with evidence accused people at the top of the Dutch royal family, citing the names and pictures of people (one who had undergone plastic surgery) as as well Pictures of meetings in which children were killed.

There are 98,000 stolen babies and children. This only confirms that it is a very well organized child smuggling and it is perfectly clear why this is all leading to it.

Despite technological advances and the efforts of numerous organizations, legislation and international cooperation, the number of missing children and the number of exploited children are increasing. Despite official rejection, children are also involved in organ trafficking.

This trafficking is also an organized crime as more people are involved, e.g. B. Agents searching for donors (whether they are volunteers or not), health workers, health professionals, organ banks, and others. It is increasingly being referred to as the American Humanitarian USAID.

A Mexican drug cartel, symbolically referred to as the “Knights Templar”, has been accused of having used cannibal rituals in which baby meat is sacrificed and fed in the ranks for the initiation rite. The late cartel leader Nazario Moreno personally ordered that new members must prove their loyalty by consuming human organs.

Mexican State Envoy Alfredo Castillo said the initiates must therefore eat the human heart, which was confirmed during the interrogation of the arrested members. “We have testimony from people who say that they were present when Nazario Moreno came and said to the others – today we are going to eat someone’s heart”!

Why is this happening and what is hiding behind the hill?

It’s pretty clear that this is only part of a long-established scenario of the Illuminati out to take over the world. Everyone is happy. Thanks to child and organ smuggling “legally” carried out by USAID and similar “humanitarian” Soros organizations, pedophiles pay and receive their “cannon fodder” to satisfy their sick instincts, psychopaths who want to live like turtles (Rockefeller et al. Centenarians) Get Young Organs, IBM, who bought a microchip license, will begin mass production of chips to break all children because it “finds” them when they are abducted.

After that, the obligation is introduced to destroy other people (if children and adults can) in order to take control of all of humanity. Is this text also a conspiracy theory? Do we even understand what’s going on?

Do we want to leave our children, grandchildren … at the mercy of these monsters?


No other website or source in the Netherlands or any other country brings this sensation that the Dutch royal family was involved in these crimes! This report saw the light of day over four years ago, no witnesses, no details, no faces to the story, just nothing.

Of course, many children disappear every year and become victims of human trafficking, orgies and rituals, but not every report that sounds “interesting” and is supposed to shed light on crimes of the elites is true. Sometimes a website just wants to earn money or generate clicks, report sensations and thereby discredit the alternative scene! Just like this info:

Alleged “police chief” over freed children in DUMBs under Washington – what do we really know?

Here is another example of a real witness, real person, with a real story:

Pedo network: “My name is Anneke Lucas, when I was 6 I became a sex slave for Europe’s elite” (Videos)

Open your eyes, switch on your brain and heart! Let’s protect our children from the real crimes and pedophiles!

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