Warning about alleged “stereotypes”: Now Disney is also attacking the “Muppets”

Warning about alleged

Not only Coca-Cola submits to cultural Marxism, the Disney Corporation is also rushing to ingratiate itself with the NWO in anticipatory obedience. After films from their own house had already fallen under the spell, the »Muppets« are now concerned with »Kermit« and »Miss Piggy«.

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Many generations are familiar with the »Muppets«, the puppets invented and designed by Jim Henson, which were indeed animal performers, but whose appearance had all too human characteristics. Not everyone liked this type of representation, but the »Muppets« were able to achieve great success in over 100 countries. Jim Henson, who is also the inventor of the children’s program “Sesame Street” (with Ernie and Bert, among others), died when he was less than 54 years old. His characters like Kermit (the frog) and Miss Piggy (a pig), who fell in love with him, or the absent-minded professor (Bunsen), his assistant (Beaker), who is always the victim of unsuccessful attempts and protests against it with loud “Mimimi”, have achieved just as world renown as the two grumpy old men on the balcony (Statler and Waldorf), who have something to complain about every program and every contribution.

In all the years since its inception in 1955, no one has ever come across the fact that the characters’ characters were given deliberately exaggerated traits. That was exactly what made the deeper sense. The bald eagle “Uncle Sam” should of course serve as the epitome of the “American Way” and was played accordingly. The same applied to all characters, such as “Animal” (the band’s animal / drummer), who symbolizes chaos and turmoil. In the USA at that time it presented itself as a cacophony of unidentified noises; a reason why Animal doesn’t talk either, but at best makes grunts.

The Danish chef (in the original “Swedish Chef”) is also a collection of spoofs. His dish “Moose and Chocolate” (actually Mousse au Chocolat) is nothing more than a joke in which the typical Swedish animal, the moose, is doused with chocolate.

As mentioned, nobody in all these years has found it necessary to drag this humor to court. But the Disney makers are rushing to warn against going to the movies and the shows. And because the Disney group now holds the broadcasting rights to the Muppet show, the consumer now gets the following information on their eyes before each broadcast: »This program contains negative depictions / bad treatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong today «

Miss Piggy would be right to be angry to say she was human. She is a convinced and proud pig lady – and she is proud of that.

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