US state wants to free math from “white supremacy” – cultural Marxists: mathematics is objective and therefore “racist”

US state wants to free math from

In the US state of Oregon, several answers to math problems are now to be allowed, because math would otherwise be “racist”. An “ethnomathematics” is to be introduced.

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The idiocy of cultural Marxism, the all-destroying power that rages in the western world, is now targeting the last science that is considered unshakable: mathematics.

With the argument that only one correct answer to tasks is “racist”, the Department of Education of the US state of Oregon wants to turn all math education upside down, like Clarion News reports.

With the course “Micro-Course: Path for Fair Mathematics” (“Pathway to Math Equity Micro-Course”) the Ministry for “Ethnomatics” wants to contribute to the “reduction of racism in mathematics”. Mathematics represented a “white suprematist ideology”. In contrast, ethnomathematics would help to overcome the “clearly false” belief that “mathematics is purely objective” and “counteract the notion that there are always right and wrong answers «, Which» perpetuates objectivity «. The alleged evidence includes that “the focus is on getting the ‘right’ answer” and that students “are required to” show their work. ”

Rather than focusing on one correct answer, the training urges teachers to “come up with at least two answers that might solve the problem.” It is also suggested that “unwrap the assumptions made in the problem.” and “the way mathematics is used to maintain, identify and challenge capitalist, imperialist and racist views.”

Gary Galles from Institute Mises comments: “Rather than representing ‘white supremacy’, the development of mathematics has been a global, cross-racial and cross-cultural collaboration of progress, an ongoing development of more effective tools that everyone can use. And this story shows that everyone involved wanted to find the right answers, whereby showing one’s own work was a millennia-old strategy in mathematics lessons. ”

“Making mathematics an attempt to ‘identify and challenge the way mathematics is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist and racist views’ is poor compensation for undermining the development of skills and knowledge that the benefit all of us, even if we as individuals do not have these abilities. And those who are harmed the most are those who are already struggling the most with the fundamentals of mathematics that precede a more advanced understanding. Without learning the precision that higher-order math requires, prepending ‘ethno’ to math will open the doors to careers in aerospace, physics and other sciences, engineering, business, the Finance and more remain closed to entire generations of learners as they never meet the demands these areas demand. In other words, the proponents of ethnomathematics propose harming the group they are supposedly trying to help. ”

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