Unusual macarons from Kim Delia

Ausgefallene Macarons von Kim Delia
© @kims_bachstuebli

While macarons were almost old hat for Line, this form of baking was completely unknown to me for a very long time – but I’m also a dork and like to refuse trends and hypes until they no longer interest anyone, only to be delayed to jump on the train after all. Or to run after unsuccessfully.

At least this is also the case with macarons, although even after the first consumption I didn’t really want to understand what is so special about them. In retrospect, of course, this was due to the poor quality of the macarons, but if we’re to be completely honest: a pastry that is anything but easy to bake and that only tastes sweet in the end … that justifies neither the effort nor the very high ( price justified by the effort, right? I mean, others become millionaires because they sell unfinished cookie dough – who else wants to stand in the kitchen and do this complicated thing to themselves?

Kim Delia apparently. The Swiss woman is actually a florist, but also likes to bake in her free time, which at least in my head draws a few parallels to Line. The difference is: Line simply cooks and bakes her way across the culinary world, while Kim seems to have specialized in macarons.

And actually this is no longer a hobby at all, because the results from her are (at least visually) unbeatable. I claim as an ignorant non-expert – but they are definitely too good to eat because that is actually already considered art:

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