Trump’s USA was energy self-sufficient for the first time in 50 years Biden: “Climate policy destroys energy Independence of the USA”

Trump's USA was energy self-sufficient for the first time in 50 years Biden:

Economist Stephen Moore: “If we get rid of coal energy … then thousands of people will die.”

In the last few months of Trump – for the first time in 50 years – no oil was imported from Saudi Arabia; now destroyed Biden.

Joe Biden’s energy policy, under the guise of “climate change” protection, would wipe out American energy independence and prevent multi-trillion-dollar domestic resource development. Stephen Moore, economist and co-author of Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan on Breitbart.

»[In] Donald Trump’s in office last month, do you know how much oil we imported from Saudi Arabia? Zero. It was the first time that had happened in 50 years, and it was thanks to Trump. … It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s an incredible achievement. We waited 50 years to become energy independent folks. Now we are finally independent. ”

But this independence will only be very short-lived. Joe Biden will steer in the opposite direction and completely turn energy policy upside down on the pretext of climate change – at the expense of the USA.

The Biden administration is squandering America’s natural resources in pursuing its “climate change” policy, commented Moore.

“Why shouldn’t we use them?” Asked Moore, referring to the US coal and natural gas resources. “We have this treasure trove of trillions of dollars of energy and the left doesn’t want Americans to use it. … That makes no sense.”

Thousands would die and millions would be without electricity in Texas if the left’s “climate change” plans were enforced, Moore warned.

“The left wants to say goodbye to coal completely,” said Moore. “If we got rid of all the coal, you’d have ten million people without heat [und] without light in the middle of a polar vortex [in Texas]. Thousands upon thousands of people should have died. ”

This would put the US in a position like 1973 when the oil crisis brought the US to its knees:

“Saudi Arabia had a knife on our throat. There were all kinds of gas shortages here. Every time they raised the price of gas, the economy went into recession. So we waited 50 years to become energy independent. We finally got there because Trump put America first and said, ‘Let’s produce all the energy we have ourselves.’ ”

These achievements are now being destroyed by Joe Biden. In doing so, he is once again bringing the USA to its knees and giving its enemies a boost.

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