There are over 400 Kit Kat flavors in Japan

There are over 400 Kit Kat flavors in Japan

Up until a few years ago, weekly shopping with us was always a little highlight for me, because: I was finally able to discover new sweets again. Because we Germans are not that bad at that, after all, sweets abroad usually only differ in the intensity of the sweetness – but not much is possible in terms of taste (which was, by the way, very disappointing when we met for the first time in London or the Netherlands covered with sweets). Denmark is almost an exotic one because a lot of liquorice is still made there. There is simply more going on in Germany, even if some experiments go wrong, such as the After Eights with strawberry flavor. I would be surprised if they would come back again.

Milka, Ritter Sport or the Corny bars were always right at the forefront – hardly a month in which there weren’t any new varieties to be discovered, as was the case with Müller Milchreis (I know, all bad companies, but that’s not the point ). But all that is now history and for years my look at the candy shelf has been linked to disappointment. You are looking for new varieties in vain and you have apparently lost all your willingness to experiment, which is just a shame.

Especially when you turn your gaze to Japan, which has around 400 flavors for Kit Kat alone – how many do we have? 3? 5? But here, too, caution should be exercised, a few years ago I tried the version with green tea – unfortunately it was an incomparable abnormality.

The Great Big Story spoke to the man who is responsible for ensuring that such a selection was made in the first place and that it will be expanded further: Yasumasa Takagi.

Kit Kat is big in Japan. From cheesecake to wasabi to purple sweet potato, the crispy wafer bar is available in more than 400 varieties, according to Yuji Takeuchi, marketing manager for Nestlé Japan. And it’s up to Yasumasa Takagi to keep the fresh flavors coming. The classically-trained pastry chef has added over 50 to the Kit Kat canon so far. Takagi invites us into his kitchen in Tokyo to see how he creates yummy new flavor profiles for customers who are always hungry for more.

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