The thinnest sandwich in the world

The thinnest sandwich in the world

The current situation shows quite well: it doesn’t hurt to have a few supplies at home. First and foremost, you should of course bunker toilet paper like nothing good, a whole family house full of pasta doesn’t do any harm, and if possible, then nothing speaks against an empire made of sunflower oil.

Of course not, because even with a curfew it is still allowed to buy groceries and co. All hamster purchases and everything that goes with them are not only superfluous, they are just plain stupid, if not even dangerous – anyone who has been following the news in the last few days, and there must have been some, knows what I’m talking about. Just leave the shit.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t end up in complete gluttony at the moment. We are still a long way from rationed portions, but as in pretty much every situation in life, reason is always a good friend.

However, should it happen that food is scarce, for example, the following video from oiri_kitchen could not be a bad tip. Because in it the Japanese food tuber actually shows how incredibly great Japanese kitchen knives can be (although I would argue that other knives can also achieve similar results if they are only sharply sharpened). Inaccurately, however, he probably makes the thinnest sandwich in the world and by the way shows how incredibly good he can cut things:

Thank you for watching!

I cook as a hobby. Oiri.
I hope I can convey the beauty of Japanese food and the beauty of Japanese knives.

Probably the best sandwich in the world, done with a kitchen knife.
If anyone can make it thinner with a kitchen knife, I would love to see it.
I’ll make it even thinner.

It doesn’t change the fact that you’re still hungry, but at least you can still brag in the school yard that you’ve eaten whole sandwiches. Even if you are probably / hopefully all alone there due to dispositions.

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