The man who planted trees! 10,000 trees on barren land in India! (+ Videos)

 The man who planted trees!  10,000 trees on barren land in India!  (+ Videos)

Often it is the little things that make a big difference. “The man who planted trees” is the story of Elzéard Bouffier, who, with his bare hands, created one of the most beautiful extensive forest areas in the Cevennes, France, within half a century. Alone, without any technical aids. He turned treeless wasteland into a paradise of beech, birch, maple and oak. In India it is Dashrath Manjhi, as “Mountain Man” he achieved worldwide fame and his story was also made into a film.

When his wife was seriously injured, Dashrath tried to take her to the nearest doctor. It was a long way through an impassable range of hills and his wife died. So he began to shorten the distance with his own hands, thus giving the villagers easier access to medical care. Day after day, for 20 years, he built a road through a mountain with the simplest of tools. Already mahatma Gandhi said: “First to ignore they you, then laugh they over you .. ”And that’s exactly what happened to the“ Mountain Man ”. But in the end they support him with food and with the purchase of his tools. The connecting road and a hospital were named after him and aWhen he died in 2007, he was honored with a state funeral by the government of Bihar state. Inspired by Dashrath Manjhi, a man from Bihar planted around 10,000 trees on barren land in Belaganj in Gaya. A huge orchard was created in 15 years.

Mann planted 10,000 trees on barren land

Manjhi said he started working on his orchard 15 years ago, which consists of 10,000 trees, mostly guavas, inspired by the “Mountain Man” Dashrath Manjhi. He said that Dashrath Manjhi, who was building a path through a mountain by himself, came to his house one day.

“Dashrath Manjhi told me to plant an orchard in this area. At that time this place was barren and deserted and there was only sand everywhere. In the beginning it was a lot of trouble. For the plants, water had to be fetched from the house in a pot, ”he continued.
In an interview with ANI on February 13, 2021, he said: “In the past, animals destroyed plants. I brought thorny bushes out of the forest and made a hedge. The hedge still protects my orchard. “

When Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar found out about my contribution to environmental protection, I became a member of the Child Protection Commission, ”he said.
Satendra Gautam Manjhi holds an MA from Magadh University.
As a former member of the Child Protection Commission and currently a member of the Senate at the University of Magadh, Manjhi continues to tend his orchard.

Most of the guavas are of the Allahabad variety of guava, which is considered to be of high quality. He added that he had started making a profit by selling guavas.

“I urge the people of this country to plant trees,” said Satendra Gautam Manjhi, the man who planted 10,000 fruit trees on a barren land.

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