Tara Reade: Will my abuse allegations be denied because it involves Joe Biden?

Tara Reade: Will my abuse allegations be denied because it involves Joe Biden?

US Democratic MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently reported a sexual assault that traumatized her. The media did not question her statements. In my case it looks different because it could be politically uncomfortable.

When I looked at the comments from [der demokratischen Kongressabgeordneten] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reporting on her trauma and fear for her life, as the Capitol in Washington, DC [von Trump-Anhängern] was stormed, I felt compassionate and could understand the pain.

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Something dark happened to me there too, which changed my life. Something that shook my future until I finally raised my voice. In 1993 I thought my career was just getting started.

I didn’t know it was the beginning of the end. Joe Biden was my boss and a powerful senator in 1993 when he hit me against the wall [in einem Flur des Kapitol] Expressed and engaged in sexual acts without my consent.

In early February, I listened to Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and felt her grief over her fears for her life at the Capitol and how she described her trauma from past sexual assault.

The #MeToo movement then trended again, woke up from its deep sleep and expressed its support to AOC – after hypocritically waving the white flag when I came to tell the world what had happened to me in 1993.

Instead of support from #MeToo and AOC or any other Democrat, I was silenced and humiliated just for daring to speak my story.

Joe Biden has been replaced in his current position as US Commander-in-Chief, and my awkward, uncomfortable story was swept under the rug during the New York Times, Newsweek and other mainstream media praised Joe Biden for propaganda purposes.

I won’t call him president. Respect has to be earned and this man abused me, then covered it up, and then went out of his way to silence me.

For me, Joe Biden will always be that arrogant, insecure man with greasy hair and cold hands who stole my innocence in this corridor in the heart of the country, the symbol of democracy. Do I believe AOC? Yes.

But does AOC believe me too? On the subject of the assault on me, she said publicly about my accounts that these were “not entirely clear” so as not to anger the holy leadership of the Democrats.

Time will tell whether AOC is really on the side of those affected by sexual assault. Do I think the Democratic Party is using the #MeToo movement as a shield and only holding it up when it’s politically convenient? In any case.

I will believe that there is a real movement in America to end the rape culture if believing in those affected is not a partisan endeavor.

I will believe in the movement if Joe Biden is held accountable and there is a Senate investigation into what happened to me while I was working for him. Or a release of his files in the University of Delaware, which is now sealed, and thus also inquiries about freedom of information law [FOIA, Freedom of Information Act] are withdrawn. In my eyes, the #MeToo movement was hijacked and is still scattered between hollow hashtags like a run over animal on the floor, sad and forgotten.

As a result of going public, my life was threatened, my person was defamed, and I was cursed with every expression imaginable until certain media turned me away. I was even threatened with prison.

Still, I’ll talk about what happened, nothing will silence me. So, I hear you, AOC, I hear the injustice and trauma that you endured … Do you hear me?

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