Skull & Bones secret society (1): “The Bushs & the secret of room 322”

Skull & Bones secret society (1):

Former US President George W. Bush grew up with secrecy, so to speak. Less known is that he, his father George Herbert Walker Bush, and his grandfather Prescott Bush are members of a highly obscure secret brotherhood, the most powerful secret society that the United States has ever known[1], were and are.

A secret brotherhood that is accused of sexism, anti-Semitism and occultism. The “Skull and Bones”. An outgrowth of the infamous Order of the Illuminati. His logo is the skull![2]

The elite secret group was founded[3] 1832 by General William Huntington Russell and Judge Alphonso Taft (father of the 27th President of the USA) at Yale University. Its members are strictly screened and drawn from the oldest and richest American families.

Many CIA members also come from the ranks of “Skull and Bones, which has about 800 living and very influential members.” Women have only been accepted since 1991! The secret society only helps its own members.[4]

George W. Bush became a member in 1968, his father in 1948 and his grandfather in 1917.

Shockingly, George W. Bush’s last opposition to the presidential campaign, John Kerry, had also been a member since 1966. Other Bush clan members who have sworn allegiance to the secret society are: Jonathan Bush, John Walker, George Herbert Walker III., George Herbert Walker Jr., Ray Walker and, since 2003, probably also George W. Bush’s daughter Barbara.

The Bush dynasty is just one of the influential families in charge of this secret society. Others are the Rockefeller, Harriman, Lord, Bundy, Phelps, Taft, and Whitney families. Also Senators, Congressmen, US Supreme Court Justices, Members of the Cabinet.[5]

In his autobiography “A Charge to Keep” George W. Bush admits: “In my last year (at Yale University / the author) I became a member of Skull and Bones, a secret society that is so secret that I am not can say more about it. “[6]

The American journalist Alexandra Robbins, also a graduate of Yale University, describes in her book Brotherhood of Death – Skull & Bones, the secret order behind George W. Bush the premises of the order, including the so-called “crypt”:

“The crypt houses a large collection of war memorabilia from the American Civil War and World War I and II … images of death are omnipresent … dozens of skeletons and skulls, both of humans and animals … hang on the walls.”[7]

The most secret room, in which the most sublime ceremonies have always taken place, is called the “Inner Temple” or “Room 322”.

“A skull and crossbones hang in a bracket on the inside above the front door,” continues Alexandra Robbins. “Under a dome painted blue … there is a card table on which a skull and an hourglass rest on a pillow … A huge showcase with a skeleton rises up in the room … Once upon a time there was a children’s coffin and the skeleton at the feet of the skeleton had once rested in it, now dangling over the mantelpiece … ”

In a glass showcase, skulls, bones, stirrups and bridles can be seen, which are said to have come from the once most famous Indian, Apache chief Geronimo, which the grandfather of the incumbent American president, Prescott Bush, and several others stole from Fort Sill in 1918 and in the crypt hidden. The “most spectacular prey” of the Bonesmen.

Ned Anderson, an ex-chairman of the San Carlos Apache tribe in Arizona, was looking for the chief’s remains in the eighties, tracked them down at “Skull & Bones” and therefore even had a conversation with Bonesman Jonathan Bush, Brother of then Vice President George Bush. Anderson asked him to return the skull to the Indians. Shortly afterwards, Bush presented him with a skull, which, according to an analysis, was not that of Geronimo, but of a ten-year-old boy![8]

The journalist Ron Rosenbaum, who has spent more than 25 years hunting for “Skull & Bones”, published in April 2001 in New York Observer a report on a ceremony by the secret society. With high-tech video equipment for night shots, he and his colleagues have probably succeeded in filming a kind of secret initiation ceremony.

“They were presented with a horrific picture: a guy who wore a kind of animal skin… and was holding something in his hand that looked like a butcher’s knife, bent over a figure, apparently a woman, who was covered over and over with film blood, otherwise but not wearing much. Then the neophyte stepped in front of a skull a few meters further … away. He knelt down and kissed the skull, whereupon the guy with the knife also knelt and cut the lying figure’s throat (… pretended to cut her throat) ”.[9]

How else can it turn out? Skull & Bones members say after the publication that they only wanted to “wipe out” one thing from the reporter, they probably knew that he was filming them and therefore performed a parody.[10]

Here, too, the same scam: make everything ridiculous and that makes the whole thing unbelievable.

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