Politically correct egg dance around “90% migrants in the Covid intensive care beds”: “corrective!” As a media sea rescuer

Politically correct egg dance around “90% migrants in the Covid intensive care beds”: “corrective!” As a media sea rescuer

You could count backwards after BILD and other sites (we too) reported on an informal conversation between the head of the RKI, Lothar Wieler and various chief physicians of clinics, including the chief physician of the Bethanien Clinic, Thomas Voshaar. Some passages from this conversation were quoted in BILD. And it was the unanimous opinion of the chief physicians that “at least half, sometimes up to 90% of the Covid intensive care patients” in the clinics are people with a migration background. This had turned the probably unofficial, confidential conversation into a media bomb. Now a desperate attempt is being made to defuse the bomb. Too late.

What was said then?

Verbatim passages make denial difficult

BILD cited verbatim passages from Dr. Lothar Wieler regarding the immensely high proportion of Covid intensive care patients with a migration background:

“I heard that too. But it’s a taboo. I tried to reach out to certain people. We must address this religious group through imams. The whole thing has huge implications for Berlin. That’s a real problem. “

The head of the Moers Lung Clinic, Thomas Voshaar, is quoted literally in BILD as follows:

“Voshaar informed Health Minister Jens Spahn (40, CDU) about his findings. In the counter he said: ‘Everyone I spoke to, including Mr Spahn, said: OgottoGottoGott.’ “

And the assignment is very clear:

“There are parallel societies in the middle of our country. If you want to achieve something there, you can only do it with rock-hard social work in the mosques. And we can’t get in there. And that’s crap. This group consists of four million people in Germany. This corresponds to a share of 4.8 percent. In the intensive care units, however, well over 50 percent are from this group. “

So the cat is out of the bag. And quite far out.

These are only a few passages, but they are unmistakable.

What now? How can you catch that again now? Actually not at all. These statements are clear, and it also becomes clear that the interlocutors are aware of the explosiveness of this fact. Also that there is hardly any solution to the dilemma because you cannot get to this “group” (“And we can’t get in there”) because these people are not obedient and don’t let the German state dictate anything to them.

But that means that the “corona pandemic” will not be mastered either. Because from this “group” the virus will always flare up anew, since you can pull through the lockdown until Saint Never’s Day, until everything is cultivated here and nothing works at all. In addition, it is somehow no longer really justified why one does not intervene in this “group”, as in climate demos, where people are close together despite all the prohibitions. No police far and wide – and in demonstrations for civil liberties and human rights, the police beat down defenseless citizens for violating containment measures. Hardly anyone can see that anymore.

Apparently these are facts. Hence the “OgottoGottoGott”.

“Correctiv!” Has to go to the front and save what can be saved

There was probably a very difficult editorial conference in the “correctiv!” Editorial team. You can almost feel sorry for people. First off: You bravely wrote and tried. A little “300-Spartans-on-Thermopylae” atmosphere breathes one out of these lines. Has something: Schraven as the Leonidas of the Berlin republic.

What can you do as a fact checker? Leonidas doesn’t have a sword in his hand, a pocket knife at most.

First problem:
Dr. To make Lothar Wieler down as a right-wing racist and Covidioten is out. That would be a state crisis. The RKI is the fortress “Helms Klamm”. If that falls, the whole corona balloon bursts.

Second problem:
This problem, whose name cannot be named, cannot be directly described as a lie or malicious invention by the chief physicians. It is very clear that d
he chief physicians are so careful as possible: “As far as he is aware,” always over 90 percent of intubated, seriously ill patients had a migration background “. It was agreed internally that “we want to call such patients ‘patients with communication barriers’”.

It is becoming clear that the clinics are indeed having serious problems with these circumstances and simply no longer have any advice.
Bild writes: According to this, the doctors are worried, among other things, that there are high numbers of infections due to language barriers. Your second concern: Apparently nobody in the federal government wanted to take up the issue – for fear of a racism debate. “

That is more than cautiously phrased. The problem is the elephant in the china shop and even if you whitewash it and paint it with flowers, it remains the elephant. Everybody knows, and nobody dares to say

Third problem:
Demanding a real statistical survey of the real percentage of migrants in the Covid ICU beds is not an option. The shot
could backfire tremendouslywalk. It is best not to even think about that. That could create a clarity that is not really wanted.

Tried language and statistics scrupulous as a lazy solution

The cat does not come back in the sack. One can only say that the cat is not a cat and the sack is not a sack. So what remains is nitpicking and it’s painfully transparent.

The heading above the article by “Fact Checker” corrective! reads:

Origin of Covid patients not recorded in Germany – ‘image’ according to the RKI and the Bethanien Clinic, tears statements out of context

It will probably be true that there are no statistics in the clinics that record the origin of Covid patients. Yes and? The chief physicians do not give any exact figures either. There is talk of a “majority” of Covid intensive care patients, something between 50 and 90 percent. The decimal places do not matter. In many cases, you can identify who is a migrant, also by name. The statement from Dr. Wielers: This group consists of four million people in Germany. This corresponds to a share of 4.8 percent. In the intensive care units, however, well over 50 percent are from this group. ” The Ist unmistakable. Ten percentage points up or down do not matter.

The complaint from “correctiv!”: “There is no statistical basis for the origin or religion of Covid 19 patients. According to the RKI and the clinic, the statements of the people quoted were taken out of context by the picture, “does not pull. The context is absolutely simple: Are migrants overrepresented in the Covid-Intensiv departments or not?

Whether “this group” ten times or eight times or fOverrepresented fifteen times is is not the subject. It’s about the fact and about that you shouldn’t say it which makes a solution to the problem impossible. It’s just a taboo.

The whole, transparent pull-ups of “correctiv!” Prove this in a striking way.

Constructed Islamophobia and egg dances

Therefore, the correctivler desperately cling to the straw of “religion”. “Correctiv!” Writes: “Wieler also said, according to the picture, that you have to approach these people via mosques – from this it becomes clear that people with Muslim faith are meant here. The RKI boss is quoted as saying: ‘Well over 50 percent of this group are in the intensive care units.’ “

Dear reader, looken you exactly there. What is missing there? This part is omitted here:

“This group consists of four million people in Germany. This corresponds to a share of 4.8 percent. In the intensive care units, however, well over 50 percent are from this group. “

Order here!

This statement, which simply states that MIGRANTS are disproportionately high in relation to the total population in the Corona intensive care units, is turned around as if Dr. Wieler claims that devout MUSLIMS are disproportionately high in the Corona intensive care units in relation to the total population.
This is unclean.

Then we read in the written correctiv egg dance tournament:

“What exactly Wieler and Voshaar said in the conversation cannot be verified.”
Oh but. Because “corrective!” Used the literal quotations itself and, by the way, tears formulations out of the context (see above).

And then nobody wants it to have been …

Then at “correctiv!”, As unbelievably investigative journalists and fact checkers, they also asked the RKI. Not Dr. Wieler replies, but a spokeswoman for the RKI let know by email:

“It was not a public ‘expert talk’, but a personal, informal exchange. According to Mr. Wieler’s memory, some parts of the content are not reproduced correctly. In particular, no conclusive findings were made, only deliberations. We communicated that to the photo journalist. “

Yepp. Exactly. That’s just it. The gentlemen on the conference call did not know that this would become public. That’s why they talked cautiously but relatively openly about unpleasant facts. How did BILD get knowledge of it? The doctors did not claim that they keep or have accurate statistics. You have just described one obvious, visible problem.

The formulation that “After the memory of Mr. Wieler” the content in “some parts incorrect” were reproduced … it doesn’t get any more vague than that. Now yes, that in explosive situations, when unofficial things suddenly appear in the newspaper, politicians instantly suffer from memory gaps, is nothing new (and Mr. Dr. Wieler is head of a federal governmentoberauthority).

There were “no conclusive statements, just deliberations” … What is that supposed to mean now? Do you mean to suggest that the gentlemen (and ladies?) In the meeting desk were babbling to themselves in delirious guessing?

Now those involved in this conference switch are trying to somehow wriggle out of it. The clinic of the chief physician Dr. Voshaar lets know:
“As we informed the picture editors upon request, there was no official expert discussion (we add: no advice either) on a connection between Covid patients with severe disease and frequent social characteristics, in which Dr. Thomas Voshaar took part. In particular, Dr. Thomas Voshaar has not carried out any systematic queries in clinics that provide representative results for the above-mentioned correlation. Rather, he reported on individual conversations with befriended intensive care physicians and pulmonologists as well as on his own observations. “

This is a confirmation that everything happened as the picture wrote. Dr. Voshaar also asked other colleagues elsewhere. It’s not just like that in his clinic. Dr. Wieler also with “I heard that too. But it is a taboo ”affirmed.

Official or not, advice or not. The facts have become known. Of course, the Bethanien Clinic in Moers is also trying to pull itself out of the affair. Here, too, the problem with memory is the same: “According to the memories of Dr. Thomas Voshaar, not all of the content of this conversation has been reproduced correctly. “

The facts and concerns raised by the chief physicians are in the world, and they are a problem. Politics, especially Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, don’t just actively ignore it. Anyone who names it is accused of lying, racism, and Islamophobia. The matter only gets more embarrassing the more the damage limiters try to fool around.

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