Makers of the Ibiza video unpacks: narcotics, blackmail, … is the government bursting now?

Makers of the Ibiza video unpacks: narcotics, blackmail, ... is the government bursting now?

The private detective Julian H., one of the makers of the infamous Ibiza scandal video, was extradited to Austria a week ago after all the appeals he lodged did not help. Again and again he objected to his extradition from Germany to Austria. But after all the instances had been checked, he went back to Vienna, where he is in custody in Vienna-Josefstadt. He acts as a persecuted activist against the evil, corrupt right. In fact, the allegations against him are of a completely different nature. He is due to go to court for drug trafficking and possession of drugs and for attempted extortion. That doesn’t sound like a brave activist against the evil “Nazis”. And it goes on: Julian H. is starting a drug scandal against Chancellor Sebastian Kurz!

The Federal Constitutional Court justified the rejection of his urgent application against extradition as follows: Julian H. had “failed to substantiate the fact that he is being politically persecuted in the Republic of Austria and that no fair trial … awaits him”.

The whole thing around the video is turning into a catastrophe for everyone who comes into contact with it. The word of someone who digs a pit and falls into it has seldom been so true. Even those who politically profited from this mud fight in the cesspool have splatters on their white chemisette. The term “Ibiza video” has long had a different connotation: It is now associated with obscure machinations, evil tricks, deception and deliberately malicious cutting and twisting for the purpose of character assassination. And since the Austrian young miracle worker Sebastian Kurz suddenly sat on the throne of the chancellor because of the whole scandal – bang, because Messrs. Strache and Gudenus were shot down at the finish line, his chancellorship also had a “treat”.

Of course, Mr. Julian H. rejects all of this. All cabal, lies and perversions. If you come from a qualified mouth, you are tempted to think.

In any case, the Austrian investigators accuse him of the aforementioned crimes, even the taz devoted an entire article to him. His point of view is, in summary, briefly told: Mr. H. is a victim of the partisan, thoroughly right-wing Austrian authorities, where they have conspired against him and want revenge because of the Ibiza video. The accusation of selling two and a half kilos of cocaine is a lie and comes from two former employees, one of whom he fired in a dispute. The other was caught with drugs himself and is hoping for a lighter sentence by incriminating Julian H. Well yeah, he admits … earlier, in 2019 another employee really tried to sell the entire, uncut video to Mr. Strache. But that was not blackmail and, moreover, happened completely without the knowledge of Mr. Julian H. And completely against his will.

Yes, and sure, that’s right, Julian H. admits in an interview with taz that he was once caught with 20 grams of cocaine in the course of a job. But that was only possession and not trade.

What a swamp of lies, intrigue, dealing, revenge and betrayal, what a charming company. A snake pit, on the other hand, is a cozy zoo. Only Julian H. is a misunderstood upright, a hero of the clarification of sinister machinations.

The FAZ sums up the story of the making of the Ibiza video, which the idealist and defender of the truth Julian H. spreads, as follows:

“A friend of Hs, the Viennese lawyer M., wanted to report information from a bodyguard Straches about alleged corrupt actions to the police, but they were not interested. Then they hatched the Ibiza trap together to reveal Strache’s true nature. But unfortunately nobody was interested in this video either. When Strache was then in government and began to implement all the bad plans, ‘there was no turning back’. Money? No, it was never about money. That also elicited the incredulous question from the interviewer from the ‘taz’: ‘Can you believe it: a private detective becomes a political activist?’ “

The fact is that after shooting the Ibiza video in 2017, Julian H. and the “lawyer M.” tried to sell it for 5 million euros. So it was obviously about money after all. The gentlemen turned to various wealthy, presumably interested parties who, however, apparently did not like the matter – including the building contractor Hans-Peter Haselsteiner. Nobody bit, neither the SPÖ nor the ÖVP. Julian H. & Co. also sought contact with the Greens – and sent a questionable message to Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen … just before the bomb burst. The main media involved assured that they had not paid anything for the published, malicious compilation.

Is it really credible that they first tried to get 5 million out of the Sudelvideo and then released it for free? And if it is true that the “production costs” were around € 100,000, who paid them? And who pays the lawyers now? And was the whole thing really just Julian H.’s idea? When you ask the “cui bono” question (who is it good for?), Completely different names come to mind. Even the Supreme Court of Austria assumes, according to statements by the presiding judge, that Julian H. wanted to monetize these film recordings. A very obvious motive.

But according to Julian H. everything is very, very different and from him purely a struggle for justice. It sounds like this in the “taz”:

Julian H.: But that’s not correct. It all started with a former Strache bodyguard who had collected material from him about dubious cash donations and expense reports. The bodyguard told a friend of mine, a Viennese lawyer, about this in 2015. When he reported the matter to the Austrian Federal Criminal Police Office, but nothing happened, he asked me for help to prove the corruption to Strache himself. And then the idea with the video came up. At first I only took part to do him a favor. “

taz: They organized initiation meetings and lured Strache to a bugged villa in Ibiza – a high commitment to friendship.

Julian H.: The more I dealt with the matter, the more I acted out of conviction and indignation. I was surprised how open Strache’s confidante Johann Gudenus was from the first meeting, even though we were offering Russian black money here. And I noticed that something was wrong in Austria. There is a system to enforce economic interests with party donation constructions. Try to control the media. Opaque contacts to Russia. And the effort wasn’t that high for me. I ordered the covert cameras on the Internet. “

Julian H. did not expect that the whole thing caused a government overthrow. And yet he portrays himself as a kind of modern Robin Hood who wanted to put an end to the evil, corrupt right-wing extremists, despite all the hardships he had to put up with.

The innocent angel Julian H. has the next potential government overthrow on the pan. Only this time it would hit the smart, young Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who benefited enormously from the Ibiza video. Julian H.’s claim: There is evidence that shortly after the National Council election in 2017, Chancellor used cocaine with his close party friends in the office of a befriended, prominent scene innkeeper. That came out quite incidentally at a hearing of the investigative committee of the German Bundestag on the events surrounding the Wirecard scandal.

Dr. Jens Zimmermann from the SPD asked Julian H. about his perceptions regarding the Wirecard cause, and his statements are apparently convincing. Because the ex-detective who made the Ibiza video knows his stuff and everything related to drug trafficking, criminal deals and the dark side of politicians. It was actually only because of this that he was questioned by a German committee of inquiry about the criminal activities surrounding Wirecard. As a private investigator, he has often been in such circles, including for the Austrian criminal police, the Ministry of the Interior and also non-Austrian governments and authorities.

Before the Wirecard committee, the Austrian medium “Wochenblick” reported, Julian H. reported video evidence that the Chancellor was filmed using and passing on cocaine shortly after the 2017 election. The scene innkeeper had long had a reputation for being coked with. The explosive committee documents were leaked anonymously to Wochenblick. Informed circles confirm the authenticity of the document. In response to another question from Dr. Zimmermann, if there was more than the audio and video recordings of this “coke party” to substantiate the claims, replied Julian H. that there were also internal BVT papers (Austrian Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter Terrorism) confirm everything.

The German politicians in the committee are said to have been shocked. It remains to be seen what effects this will have on the Austrian government and on Chancellor Kurz.

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