Lockdown: Federal government spends tens of thousands of euros in tax money on make-up artists and hairdressers

Lockdown: Federal government spends tens of thousands of euros in tax money on make-up artists and hairdressers

Although Merkel herself and her court seem poorly groomed, huge amounts of taxpayers’ money is said to have been spent on make-up artists and hairdressers – especially during lockdowns and the associated closure of cosmetic and nail salons and hairdressers.

During the month-long closure of the hairdressers and beauticians, the Chancellor, who uses the services of a freelance make-up artist on every business trip and when attending any public appointment, caused justified criticism.

In addition, however, the question arises to what extent the taxpayer is responsible for the hairstyle and make-up of politicians who should also be able to finance a hairdresser’s visit from their own resources or to look after an attractive appearance themselves, as is the case with millions People do day after day.

Chancellor remains silent about costs

From the answer of the federal government to a small inquiry (Drs.19 / 26468), which was created under the leadership of AfD member of the Bundestag Stephan Brandner, it emerges that the Ministry of Agriculture, led by Julia Klöckner, has already had more than 13,000 euros since 2018 were spent on the use of make-up artists; in the Federal Ministry for the Environment it has been more than 23,000 euros since 2011.

The Chancellor remains silent about the costs that taxpayers have to pay for her personal make-up artist and her business trips around the world.

Stephan Brandner from the AfD now wants to further investigate the extent to which the taxpayer is responsible for financing Merkel’s hairstyle and to what extent Merkel had violated the corona protection measures by also using her so-called assistant for hairstyle and make-up in the corona ban phase :

Women at the front

“First of all, it is remarkable that hairdressing costs were apparently largely incurred in women-run ministries. And: while the whole of Germany had to go to work unkempt and dilapidated and longed for the opening of the hairdressing salons, the Chancellor was always freshly coiffed and professionally made up: the rules that she laid down for months apparently did not apply to herself. Preach water and drink wine, even at taxpayers’ expense. That can not be.”

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