In response to the “Handbook for Gods” or the real willingness to go into action

In response to the “Handbook for Gods” or the real willingness to go into action

Rum, and there I had the mess. It was once again one of those moments when I was flooded with extraordinary thoughts – thoughts that constantly occupy us and urge us to take action.

I had a moment like that, or mental nudge, this morning. A voice inside of me kept repeating the following words: “Write an article about the manual, the current situation and dear Jan.”

And since the spiritual world knows what it wants from me, I will (have to) comply with it now …

After our “Handbook for Gods” has been on the market for around two months, we have already received all kinds of letters from readers that show us the impact the content has on a wide variety of readers. Some letters came directly to me (, others went to Jan in the publishing house. Of course, the readership wanted more information about lectures, seminars and projects – but all in good time.

The basic tenor of the book was, in the truest sense of the word, simply grandiose and filled with gratitude:

  • “What a masterpiece – this is my second time reading it!”
  • “This book will now accompany me on a daily basis.”
  • “I can’t put it down, the uplifting energy of the book is a blessing for my body.”
  • “I’ve read a lot of Jan’s books, but that goes one better.”
  • “From now on I will work with the practical part.”
  • “Simply wonderful, a book with a clear message.”
  • “Dear, thank you very much, this book gives me courage.”
  • “I would like to read it, but my daughter will not give it out of her hands …”

These are just some of the many responses. The readership ranges between approx. 17 and 80 years.

The response clearly shows that it was the right time to take many people on an unusual journey and to ask them to bring their creative intelligence into action. Of course, there are probably other voices too, from people who feel trampled on. Whatever, there are in all areas. They are the comfortable or those who serve an ideal that is supposed to create salvation or freedom for them. They should still sit on their suitcases and indulge in their clever sayings.

As Bruno Gröning once said in his words: “I always hit the nail on the head – I’m a carpenter!” It is the action that matters, the deed. Why mess around when there is a direct route. The manual hit people right on the head – a blunt invitation to wake up from the comfort zone or arrogance.

The current world situation shows us very clearly that the wheat should be separated from the chaff here. These days, many people are still vying for a vaccination appointment. I ask myself: What happened to the immune system and people’s own self-confidence / self-esteem? The majority of the population maintains and optimizes their own car, the external face of the body (botox, lifting, styling, etc.), the house, etc.

When the lockdown is ended, they will pour out their sights on the airports, the same goes for the catering trade. Whatever, Corona is over – greetings from the Matrix. Please read the interview by Jan and Michael Morris – he gets to the point.

The people’s soul has to awaken and we should be aware that the spirit world or alliance knows exactly what it is doing. This world was created by man. Jesus once said, “My kingdom is out of this world.” I conform to these words. Please don’t say it’s not like that – let’s look at this human world. Many people are about to “really” wake up, but there may and must be more. Please do not say for the thousandth time again: “Everything comes automatically, love will do it for us.”

Well, let’s see if it will be like that. When I look at the various spiritual communities, one thing can be observed: Most of the participants are full of physical disorders (ailments). They “hope” for redemption, which will come one day – mostly it is grim reaper that brings redemption. It’s like that, isn’t it?

At this point I would like to take the opportunity to compliment our dear Jan van Helsing and thank them very much. Not only because we brought this magnificent and challenging book to life together. Jan has been illuminating the background of this world for over 25 years. As an author, he has brought a number of startling books to market. He walks this path steadily and with a clear focus. Of course it was and still is for him an extraordinary journey full of experiences – and at the same time knowledge. We’re all still learning, and that’s how it will continue to be. All of his books made people wake up. Today you are still against it and tomorrow the world can be completely different, right? Who doesn’t know that from their own life?

In a few years time, humanity will have a different view of Jan van Helsing. He is a courageous soul who has made freedom on its flag – freedom for all his siblings and a loving world inhabited by real, conscious creator beings. At heart he has remained a child with a golden sense of humor. 🙂

Please be brave and take action. Dare to do something, be brave! Do not listen to the many opinions of other people – listen to your innermost feelings. It always comes from your heart.

In these days of change, it’s easy to get nailed to the cross just because you don’t agree. You are the creator, the creator of your liberation from the matrix. Please choose the right pill.

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