Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence for Our 800,000 Year Old Cosmic Heritage

Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence for Our 800,000 Year Old Cosmic Heritage

A wrecked ship from the Pleiades founded today’s mankind: cultures around the globe have always claimed to be descended from the stars and reported about advanced aliens who were responsible for the genetic development of the first humans.

Today we finally have the scientific means to research this claim, and objective research shows that there is a long list of DNA abnormalities that can only be explained by genetic engineering of Homo sapiens from an early human species.

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A mysterious material that exists in a single place on earth leads to the identification of the wreckage of a huge colonist spaceship, and above all the realization that DNA molecules from space paved the way for an intelligent species early on.

The collected data allow only one conclusion: that man is an alien hybrid creation – and that the next stage of our evolution is full and open contact with the creators while we are still alive.

“The Star People realized that the only way to survive as a people on Earth was to blend in with an existing race that was adapted to the environment and able to thrive here. They chose the little hairy ones, a species they had created themselves. ”

The author of “Hybride Menschen” Daniella Fenton is an independent researcher specializing in genetics and mediumship. She works as a spiritual advisor, regression therapist and coach and has a Peruvian government license for shamanic healing. Her research results on the origin of mankind brought her international recognition.

It is a German first publication of the Australian world premiere. With a foreword by bestselling author Erich von Däniken.

Introductory words by Erich von Däniken
1 First contact continuum
2 The extraterrestrial artifact
3 past life memories & extraterrestrial messages
4 Panspermia and the insemination of the earth
5 warp drive and wormholes
6 The sentient mothership and its glass tears
7 Meteor bombardment, pole shift and climate chaos
8 Our earliest ancestors were Homo Pleiades
9 children of the earth
Call to action
The author


In the reports submitted by Alcheringa and in many past life memories, we are told that after the mothership was destroyed, the stranded survivors abandoned the plan to colonize the earth.

It was evident that without all of the sophisticated technology aboard the mothership, they could not survive long in the hostile environment. The group discussed what to do next and concluded that second best is to advance the evolution of the preexisting hominids and guide them in a better direction.

It should be noted at this point that the terrestrial hominids had been created by other extraterrestrial powers millions of years before the arrival of the Pleiadians. They had developed them from primates that were even more primitive. These early human forms have been under the control of the hostile alien species since they came to the planet.

Under normal circumstances, the Pleiadians likely would not have interfered in the development of indigenous beings on another world, knowing of the profound effect such interference has on normal development.

As for this upright ape-like creature, however, it had been genetically engineered from its inception and had lived in the presence of an alien race ever since. In view of this, if they intervened directly and positively influenced the entity’s future potential, no guiding principle has been overridden.

In the book “Alcheringa: When the First Ancestors Were Created” there is a detailed discussion of the events that preceded the first attempts to “upgrade” the hominids found. With limited medical and technological equipment, this was an extremely difficult proposition.

The genetic engineering required a modification at the genome level, but also the insertion of the genetic material of the star people into the genetic material of the earliest humans. The resulting test tube babies were then placed in the wombs of human women and some volunteers among the remaining female aliens. It took a while to perfect this process, and numerous heartbreaking mistakes were made in the early stages.

This is without question the most important message in the wealth of material Alcheringa has given us, and we will endeavor to verify this claim and have no doubt that it will be confirmed. According to this, humans descend in a direct line from both the primates and the highly developed beings who came to earth in the distant past.

The first ancestor of the Homo sapiens lineage was a hybrid being with earthly DNA and the genes of these star people. Such ancestry makes us a unique organism on this planet. And if true, there should be striking anomalies that set us apart from our closest relatives, today’s primates.

The easiest way to identify alien DNA in the human genome would be to take a biological sample and compare it to another that was taken from aliens. Of course, we could also identify extraterrestrial genes by comparing today’s human genome with that of the early hominids.

Unfortunately, we have neither the pure DNA of an alien nor a hominid from the time before the genetic intervention. That makes it much more complicated to find the fingerprints of these creator beings – but not impossible. (…)

“Our hypothesis is that a more advanced alien civilization has been busy creating new life and planting it on different planets. The earth is just one of them. What we see in our DNA is a program that consists of two versions, a huge structured code and a simple or basic code. “Vladimir Sherbak (astrophysicist) & Maxim Makulov (astrobiologist)

For millennia, cultures around the world have claimed to have families of stars and have passed down stories of an advanced alien intelligence responsible for genetic engineering of the first humans.

Today we finally have the scientific technologies to examine this claim and bring it to an objective conclusion. “Hybrid Humans” provides corroborative evidence that Homo sapiens is an alien hybrid species established by a wealth of supporting scientific data.

“Hybrid Menschen” follows on from the tradition of pioneering old astronaut books by Lloyd Pye, Erich von Däniken and Zacharia Sitchin. All fans of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are sure to appreciate this book!

In 1995, a humble Australian woman, Valerie Barrow, found herself temporary caretaker of an ancient sacred Aboriginal artifact. Unknown to them, the mysterious ‘Churinga’ object was actually an incredible extraterrestrial device with a consciousness on board. Today we would know this as a Bracewell probe, an alien guardian who was left here to monitor our world and eventually make contact.

The resident extraterrestrial intelligence introduced itself as Alcheringa, a dreamtime entity, and then began broadcasting information about Valerie straight into the head using a voice-to-skull interface. The historical events revealed by Alcheringa will fundamentally change our understanding of human origins and the place of humanity in the cosmos.

“Hybrid Humans” does not require its readers to trust – every claim is corroborated by objective physical evidence. Directed by Alcheringa’s transmission, Daniella and her husband Bruce Fenton have successfully tracked down the remaining crystalline debris of the huge mothership.

The couple also identified specific anomalies in human DNA, the fingerprints of sophisticated alien genetic engineers.

“Sooner or later … we have to accept the fact that all life on earth carries the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins ​​and that evolution is not what we think.” – Maxim Makulov, Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute.

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