How to conjure up Pegasos Latte Art | What’s going on here anyway

 How to conjure up Pegasos Latte Art |  What's going on here anyway

We’ve been squatting at home for around 5 or 6 months, although that’s actually no longer squatting – we just work from home and don’t do much differently than usual. Switching to the home office (or better said mobile office, because Such a home office still brings a few legal hurdles with it) was not that difficult, we did that before from time to time. And yet, looking back, I have to say: I also had at least one phase in which all of this pissed me off, the motivation never found its way into our apartment and I was somehow through.

In the meantime, however, things have turned around again and I claim: I’ve gotten used to it and don’t want to go back to the office at all – the benefits from not having to commute to work and the optimally adapted environment are too great.

But what is now annoying: brewing coffee twice a day. Line and I got used to that pretty quickly, because everyone has to work it out, the coffee never tastes the same and we have a little tradition that we can hold on to. So actually a good invention – but cleaning is really annoying. Especially in the mornings I prefer to be quiet and already have enough to do. Then finish the machine and clean everything again afterwards … nobody wants that.

Line is also much better when it comes to amateur latte art. Okay, I don’t even try, but what she’s conjuring up now … that’s not bad.

But it doesn’t stand a chance against the following example – maybe that’s exactly what motivates you to improve even more:

And while we’re at it, there’s a little more latte art here.

At least as astonishing: How much can still fit in such a cup, even if it actually looks full. And if you want more of it, just take a look at the @milkyfinesse Instagram account, which is full of latte art.

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