Great macro shots of … food

Great macro shots of ... food

After various editions of the Win compilation – here, by the way, our latest edition – and one or the other cut video for work, I can now say that I have learned one trick or another and at least master a few tricks very well.

What I always find particularly fascinating: How great these little movements can work, because if you know how it works, the magic is quickly gone. Likewise, measures, some of which were born out of necessity, which in the end act as a smart idea for the viewer – we still get praise every time we put the music from a video over other videos. It works really well, but it was only made by us in the beginning because some videos have no sound at all and that always looks like shit. In the meantime it has become something like our trademark.

In the same way, you can write yourself behind the spoons: If you want it to look sexy, take it in slow-mo. Even the wiper blades in the car wash look like fine art.

And there is certainly a similar rule for macro shots, because at least with food shots I see it again and again and it just looks great. Just like here:

Assumes, of course, that the photographed food is accordingly flawless. Let’s just be in good faith and hope that no food ended up in the trash for this video and that the computer helped if in doubt.

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