“German Freemason Policy” (3): “TABU – This is how the lodge brothers ingratiated themselves with the Nazis!”


Large parts of Freemasonry at that time even went so far as to react against the war guilt lie with national declarations against the Versailles Treaty, to regard pacifism as a “weak, people-damaging mental degeneration”, in complete contrast to Stresemann’s policy. Just to prove one’s own nationalism to the national public!

The Freemasons, who thought internationally, remained in the minority, had to bow to the general opinion or left the lodges.

So it was inevitable that the German bricklayers, who were anchored in the ethnic milieu, initially developed “adaptation strategies” during the reign of terror of the National Socialists (International Masonic Lexicon, S. 223).

“They humiliated themselves and even ingratiating themselves… The ‘Great National Mother Lodge, To the Three Worlds’” tried to please the Nazi rulers with particular speed and enthusiasm… The Nazis in no way appreciated the attempted ingratiation… Rather, they ordered and demanded from all lodges in Germany that all Masonic rituals should be “cleaned up” of Old Testament content.

The Prussian Grand Lodge, the ‘most national’ of the German grand lodges, obediently went even further than this and declared: the terms lodge, Freemason and Freemasonry have been abolished. She renamed her lodge to the German Order or the Christian-German Order (Goeller, p. 126). ”

The scandal goes on, however, because the Freemasons not only ingratiating themselves to the Nazis, but were even anxious to want to introduce “National Socialist Freemasonry”!

On March 21, 1933, the grand masters of the three Prussian grand lodges congratulated the Fiihrer Adolf Hitler in a joint telegram in which it was stated, for example: “As we have up to now, true to our national and Christian traditions, endeavored to work for the good of the German people, so we will continue to give the most loyal allegiance to the national government and employ all the forces at our disposal to help rebuild our beloved fatherland. “[4]

We simply have to remind ourselves of this fact again, because the Freemasons point out at every opportunity that they were poor persecuted persons of the Hitler regime.

According to this research, this is only partly true. They only became persecuted when the Nazis gave no answer to their ingratiation.

But before that, the lodge brothers praised themselves so much that they wanted to sell the “heart and soul” of Freemasonry to Hitler, namely humanity, tolerance, equality, brotherhood and freedom.

Yes, they even wanted to set up a “National Socialist Freemasonry” and use all their “strength” for the new regime, just to please the Jew hater and dictator!

That sounds almost unbelievable, but it is proven by internal Masonic sources!

However, the Nazis took rigorous and systematic action against the Discrete Society. In 1935 the lodges were finally dissolved, banned, their property confiscated, Freemasons arrested and put in concentration camps.

In Germany, after the Second World War, Masonic public relations work with regard to politics and Freemasonry is handled completely differently than in other countries, for example in neighboring Austria.

Namely not public. Little penetrates the outside world from political circles and parties. Even fewer are openly committed to the Freemasons’ Union.

One of them was ex-Federal Justice Minister Thomas Dehler, as we have already seen, who mediated the first conversation between Freemasons and the then Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the interests of his brothers. A little later, the Grand Masters and “Brothers Freemasons”, who belonged to the Bundestag and the government offices in Bonn, met.

Freemasons from all parties were represented: SPD, CDU, FDP and Bavaria party.

In 1982, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt told diplomats that with the 1944 invasion of Normandy, the Americans were trying to establish “the intellectual legacy of individual freedoms” that we have “from Franklin, from Jefferson, from Washington” in this country as well.

And the Federal Presidents Gustav Heinemann (1970), Karl Carstens and Roman Herzog (1996) had even received Masonic delegations and thus probably achieved “social acceptance by the state leadership”.

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