genesis pro life – restoring the natural order (+ video)

genesis pro life - restoring the natural order (+ video)

Reinhard has been a truck driver for 23 years. He is a well-trained athlete who also eats high quality food. He tested the truck generator from genesis pro life and was accompanied by the CAREVA institute to carry out a bio-electrical system analysis (BESA).

BESA is able to record all functions in the human cybernetic control cycle and to influence these positively in terms of maintaining or building up life energy (determinants are the meridians and their energy system)!

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The changes tested by BESA allow clear conclusions to be drawn about the regulatory behavior of the different physical (gross) levels and the subtle dimensions.

There was one before the ride started BESA-Basismessung.

The result: 2% in the red area indicated an acute inflammation, 97% in the blue area indicated a degenerative lack of energy.

He still felt fit and normal.

The truck was then equipped with the generator. After more than 500 kilometers and approx. 8 hours a measurement was carried out again.

The result: 100% in the green area indicated normal cell voltage with regenerative properties. He himself still felt fit, relaxed and stress-free.

Wolfgang Albrecht explains these measurements and explains that electromagnetic radiation always irritates the nervous system and this has a degenerative effect on the cells. This can be seen mainly in the detoxification system (lymph and liver), but also in the hormonal system. These effects are also typical of symptoms of stress.

The effect of the truck generator was able to keep the stress away from the organism and bring all functions of the energy system into regulation. The same could be seen in the measurements of the organic food and the water that were in the truck.

Reinhard also reported that his fuel consumption decreased.

Conclusion: When using a home or car / truck generator from genesis pro life, all living beings (people, animals, plants, food) are more energetic and have a regenerative structure. The organism is in coherence with the life energy and in information and natural order. All technical systems are also coherent and work more effectively and environmentally friendly.

The BESA measurement technology is particularly suitable for verifying the effectiveness of genesis pro life products.

Walter Rieske von genesis pro life has discovered groundbreaking ways of perfecting incomplete technical energies and making them biocompatible.

As a result, electromagnetic interference fields and frequencies can have a beneficial and energetically balancing effect, i.e. become useful!

Lively originality and perfection is modulated onto the technical energies and converts all electrical fields for the organism in a biocompatible manner.

A natural energetic power place is created in your home, office, car and beyond.

Electrosensitive people can breathe easy, because all technical fields are enriched with light energy in such a way that they transform into wellbeing energies.

No frequencies are changed, but an energy that supports life is created qualitatively.

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