Food dancing through the air by Mike Nemcek

Food dancing through the air by Mike Nemcek

We’re a bit artistic today and maybe weird too, but where the previous video by omozoc may still have made a bit of sense, this one by Mike Nemcek is a lot more difficult.

Actually, only food flies around here, sometimes very artfully, sometimes even dancing and from time to time it is more or less processed. Musically it’s all very pleasant, visually anyway – but really figuring out what it’s supposed to be, whether it’s advertising, some showreel or whatever … I just don’t want to succeed.

But it doesn’t have to be, after all, after all, everyone is always talking about the fact that art should do just that – confuse people, make people think … and maybe even make them go crazy. Or so.

Nevertheless, it is incredibly well done and even if this really only comes from the computer and none of it is real – I like that very much:

Edibles is another short film based on curiosity, weirdness, love for colors, desire to create something different, and a bit of an accident. People admire a fancy cuisine, but what if ordinary and plain food had something to say as well? What if it could dance or express the character. Playing with my dinner and observing the movements was the first idea and the centered torus shape was a common key for the choreography. Make sure to turn the sound on as I carefully paid attention to this detail as well. Enjoy!

And anyway: The first video that consists almost exclusively of food and I don’t get hungry immediately. You have to get it done first.

Take a look at his other videos, you can actually find one or the other showreel there and all in all, everything Nemcek makes is pretty awesome.

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