Even more popcorn popping in slow motion

Even more popcorn popping in slow motion

I’m coming out now: I’m not a popcorn fan. Especially not at home, but also not in the cinema and I really don’t care whether it’s sweet or salty or both – popcorn doesn’t make any sense to me. Without seasoning, it just doesn’t taste like anything, becomes sticky super quickly and there is more air than anything else in it. On the other hand, it is wonderfully expensive in the cinema and already eaten before the film starts – or you have bought so much that you see the floor around you (which you only really see after the film) and the whole film with annoying background noise draws attention to itself.

Without looking, I also claim: Popcorn has no significant nutrients and is therefore one of the most superfluous foods in the world. And it looks strange too.

In summary, one can say: Popcorn is a lot of nonsense and nobody knows what Mother Nature was thinking. Maybe a bad attempt to bring a bit of humor to agriculture when you imagine that it would get so hot that the kernels of corn in the cob would suddenly burst open and cover the fields with popcorn. But we are not that far yet, even if we are motivated to quickly approach the test situation by means of global warming.

In the end, the only thing left is: at least popcorn looks cool when you watch it in slow motion. And then only for the fractions in which the corn kernels burst:

First in a new series of 100k+ FPS videos! Super stoked to share more as they get filmed.

But what you also have to say: Even if popcorn is only cool for a fraction of the time – it is still significantly cooler than me as a whole. Another reason why I think popcorn is stupid

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