Erdogan incited, the IS carried it out: 39 dead

Erdogan incited, the IS carried it out: 39 dead

The surviving German-Turkish woman, however, does not want anything from Erdogan Turkey – she sued the regional social court BW for compensation for victims

(by Albrecht Künstle)

2016 ended fatally for 39 revelers at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul, at least 67 were injured, some seriously. IS committed an attack on a New Year’s Eve party.

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New Years Eve celebrations were held by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Introduced in 1932. In 1935 January 1st became a public holiday. Since the 1990s, with the strengthening of the political islam New Years Eve celebrations that also have elements of Christianity Christmas party have taken up, pushed back more and more as “un-Islamic” custom.

The Turkish Religious Authority had given the mosques she controlled a sermon for the Friday before New Year’s Eve, in which New Year’s Eve celebrations were portrayed as an un-Islamic sin. For example, the Millî Gazete newspaper had the headline:

“This day is the last day. This warning is the final warning! Don’t celebrate! ”. Government critics accused the religious authorities and these newspapers of inciting the attack. Various Turkish organizations filed criminal charges against Mehmet Görmez, the head of the state religious authority.“ (Wikipedia)

What I wrote to our daily newspaper at the time:

ISIS doesn’t have all the cups in its cupboard – at least not where they belong. The attack on the Reina nightclub in Istanbul was in Turkey “As the protector of the cross“By which the Christians are meant. But the Christians have already pissed off Turkey so much that there are only a few in the southeast behind monastery walls and in Istanbul as free walkers.

The IS is targeting these few. „The soldiers of the caliphate should strike in Reina, where the Nazarenes (Christians) celebrate their polytheistic festival“- as if this day were a religious festival for Christians. Pope Silvester died that day in 335; what remained is just a name day. What do strict Muslims mind a Christian saint who died before Muhammad got up to mischief? Their age seems to only begin with their prophet.

But the assassin was unlucky. Christians just look like normal people and very few wear a cross around their necks. Most of the victims were Muslims! Perhaps we Christians do have better guardian angels than IS and Co.? And one more thing: Because the assassin did not die a martyr’s death, there are perhaps only 36 virgins for him in Paradise instead of 72. And because among those killed were almost only Muslims, half more virgins fewer?

But what is particularly spicy: The Turkish religious authority Diyanet is not just a New Year’s Eve celebration, but everything that is not Islamic is a thorn in the side. Therefore, in the sample sermon, she advised her mosques (also in Germany’s DiTiB mosques) to ‘un-Islamic, immoral‘Stay away from events. Maybe Erdogan’s Turkey and IS are in cahoots after all… ”(quote from the end of that time). In fact, Turkey indirectly financed the IS by taking, among other things, stolen oil from the Islamic State across the green border. In this case, the green border has a double meaning because green Islam prevails on both sides.

Allah or thank God, a German-Turkish woman survived (another not), because after the first shots she threw herself to the ground out of fear or presence of mind and pretended to be dead. She received EUR 5,000 in compensation from Germany as a victim of terrorist offenses. Although the terrorist attack was not carried out in Germany and not by a German. Only the Tatort Reina nightclub was in the European corner of Turkey.

The (un) lucky woman wanted more euros according to the Victims Compensation Act. Your lawsuit finally landed before the State Social Court of Baden-Württemberg. In a judgment of February 18, 2021, the plaintiff denied benefits under this law because she disregarded the warnings of the German Foreign Office. Because in 2016 there were a number attacks – 28 in number, including the (faked?) attempted coup against Erdogan. The court pointed out to the plaintiff that there is also statutory victim compensation in Turkey.

Turkish victim compensation would be Turkish lira, not euros. The German-Turkish woman was on home leave in the country that Erdogan sees as her real home. That is why she is likely to expect from Turkey that she will receive double protection and compensation – as a holidaymaker and of Turkish origin. But if it were to succeed in a Turkish court, the awarded lira would not be worth much until it is finally paid out.

My advice to potential vacationers too: Avoid Turkey, even if it’s difficult. Because Asia Minor offers many nice people as well as a lot culturally and scenic. But there is also “a lot of area” elsewhere, and more culture. And if you want to look at mosques, there is more than enough here in Germany. Save trips to Turkey until the Turks have made their country Erdogan-free again.

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