Delicious: Stop Motion Pizza | What’s going on here anyway

 Delicious: Stop Motion Pizza |  What's going on here anyway

Basically everything has already been said about pizza. Round piece of dough, topped and heated in the oven – Zack, you’re already a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But only if you were done like they do in Naples.

But since I’ve been working a lot on an in-house quiz this week, let’s just dive into a few facts that probably not everyone knows – because you can certainly still learn a thing or two with pizza.

Did you know, for example, that pizza has only been around / since the 18th century? This is more true for the variant that is topped with olive oil, tomatoes and oregano, the word pizza itself is probably even older, but refers to yeast dough with olive oil, salt, onions and lard as ingredients (i.e. no tomatoes) and it sounds like something that is dry as a cake, but also almost calls for a test. Because: lard on pizza? What’s next, pineapple?

What probably nobody knew: The pizza Margherita goes back to the wife of King Umberto I. At that time he had commissioned the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito to bake a pizza for his wife. That, in turn, was based on the traditional colors of Italy and simply took basil, mozzarella and tomatoes – the pizza Margherita was ready, which got its name from the woman just mentioned (and that this has been historically refuted, we just ignore it, because she Story is too good for that)

Last but not least: The first pizzeria in Germany was opened in 1952 in Würzburg – after all, which city calls for pizza better and louder than Würzburg?

But what this should actually be about: The animation studio auroraMeccanica has made a really great stop-motion video on the subject of pizza:

Hi! This is a stop motion by auroraMeccanica
creative animation studio. how to make a perfect pizza??

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