Dalgona coffee explained | What’s going on here anyway

 Dalgona coffee explained |  What's going on here anyway

I don’t even know if or because of it, but this year there are again some trends that you don’t have to go along with, of course, but which look pretty crazy, especially when you look at them for a second time.

Brand new this year: Dalgona coffee.

This is not a new, overpriced type of coffee that has any cat shit involved – it is simply instant coffee. I know, widely frowned upon, but I’m not afraid to admit that I also consume instant coffee. Mainly because I don’t have the time in the morning to turn on and operate the portafilter machine, the time gained here sanctifies the inferior quality.

But I would never think of trying to turn instant coffee into any hot shit, because we all know: no matter how hotly painted, deformed or stacked shit is still shit in the end. And instant coffee remains instant coffee.

And that’s Dalgona coffee. Much more, the “new” method of preparation also means that the consistency of the coffee is significantly different – but in a form that I resist to the greatest possible extent. Not to say: The shit has been turned into a lot bigger shit, which in itself is remarkable again. Just the picture or the first few seconds of the video show that it looks like someone is pooping into your coffee cup and nobody really wants that.

I think my point of view has now become clear – James Hoffman puts it much more diplomatically, but who comes to roughly the same conclusion: you should just leave Dalgona coffee.

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