Beef Wellington prepared in 72 hours

Beef Wellington prepared in 72 hours

The headline alone suggests that this is extraordinary and if you have no idea about cooking, then you could almost believe that these 72 hours are particularly fast. But they are not. Even not.

In general, it strikes me again how much I enjoy watching others cook. In other words, professionals who then explain a little something and where every move looks intentional, because such a professional simply knows what he is doing. Or at least sell it that way.

So I’m looking forward to seeing new episodes Kitchen Impossible on Sundays. It’s actually less about memorizing something about cooking and being able to use it yourself, maybe it’s not even about cooking anymore … but you still see one or the other trick and delicious dishes. And wait, how even such a professional can stumble so that we can feel a little more superior again (which there is definitely no reason for, because we’d screw up a lot more).

What bothers me most about cooking is that it quickly becomes stressful. Of course, you can take a lot of time with the preparation and do everything almost perfectly, but there comes a point when everything should come on the plate at the same time and you have to coordinate and coordinate the individual steps. Simply “doing it one after the other” just doesn’t work and towards the end you would wish you had 3 to 12 arms. Except for corn flakes, corn flakes are really easy.

Unless, of course, you take a lot of time and only take care of one component. Alvin Zhou did that again and after his 100-hour lasagna now topped up with Beef Wellington, but this time “only” invested 72 hours:

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