ASMR cooking with Kevin James: reheated pizza

ASMR cooking with Kevin James: reheated pizza

A few weeks ago, Kevin James started winning the internet – mainly where the former King of Queens star discovered YouTube for himself and fed it with semi-professional clips. Admittedly, not every shot was a hit, but a) you can’t really expect that from anyone and b) it only makes the pearls that were to be found pearly. One or the other video made it to and there can be no greater recognition.

The hype around him has decreased a bit, but maybe I just forgot to subscribe to his channel and the new videos no longer found their way to me in the usual way – we will probably never find out (Unless I go take a quick look on YouTube. Maybe I even do that. But just maybe).

Nevertheless, the latest video reached me and comes again from James’ ASMR corner.

But to say it in advance: It’s not really ASMR-esque, the sound is clearly too epic for that – but it also reminds of Stranger Things. In return, there are visually very appealing and quite simple instructions on how to prepare pizza from the previous day (or the previous day from the previous day), which was new to me at least. I usually just put them in the microwave for a short time or just eat them cold. Because cold pizza is also good pizza:

Better the second time around.

Pro tip, because it just fits: If you reheat pizza in the oven, you should remember to moisten the pizza sufficiently beforehand. But not too much either, otherwise the whole thing will just be muddy. And please don’t overdo it with the heat either – something around 100 ° C and circulating air is enough, you have to check the consistency the whole time anyway and when it is warm enough.

And now we all go to his channel and subscribe. It is enough if only I am as stupid as I am and not you too, right?

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