A visit to the world’s largest McDonalds restaurant

A visit to the world's largest McDonalds restaurant

Shortly before and after our vacation, I actually struggled with getting too much of my favorite food. On the one hand there is the pasta salad that Line and her mother make every now and then and which I just love. Pasta, garlic, mozzarella and tomatoes – I’m happy. And there was that both before our vacation, during our vacation and also directly on the day of our return trip. Actually awesome, but then slowly too much, so that I first forced myself to take a pasta salad break – after all, it would be big crap if I overeat.

And I couldn’t complain about my beloved pulled pork burger either, because I got it on the weekend before our vacation and three days later when my parents were visiting. Considering that I haven’t eaten it for a year and then twice in a week … definitely a highlight.

But when we’re at burgers, you automatically think of the golden M. I don’t know how long it was since I last went to McDonalds, but it should have been years by now. In view of the higher-priced competition in recent years, but also the increased quality of the burgers, it’s no wonder, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity to visit the world’s largest restaurant in Orlando Florida – even if only virtually (which is healthier and less on the hips).

Because in addition to the usual stuff that you also find here in the country, there are a few special features in this restaurant. I just say: pizza.

We tour the largest McDonald’s in the world and find out they have much more to eat than just burger and fries.

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