A full breakfast prepared in the toaster

A full breakfast prepared in the toaster

When it comes to breakfast, I’m very particular, as a recent discussion here at home showed. Ultimately, it was about whether we would not even have one of these breakfast boxes delivered or picked up in the pandemic. In theory, it’s cool at first, because then you don’t have to do anything yourself and at the same time you can at least provide a little support to the currently unused gastronomy.

But of course it doesn’t go smoothly right from the start, because on the one hand there is no location nearby that offers such a thing and the one or two tests that you could read about it weren’t convincing either. With all the supportive thought that prevails … there should be a reasonably reasonable consideration for the money and that is not two slices of toast with a little topping for something around 15 €.
Then Line suggested that she could make pancakes again. Also a good idea, but unfortunately also means that breakfast will be served later than usual. And of course that’s a problem again, because when I wake up I’m of course hungry. Like a bear that wakes up from hibernation (and yes, the comparison is no coincidence, parallels in terms of physique, hairiness and language skills are definitely present).

I go crazy when I have to wait longer for coffee in the morning when it’s Line’s turn, but first takes part in her yoga class. You have to hate yoga for that alone.

So I’m all the more a fan of all the inventions and processes that simplify, accelerate and simply make the preparation of breakfast (and food in general) much more efficient. Just like here:

Admittedly, that looks a lot like a fake to me, at least the number with the egg. What are the arguments for it? Have you ever touched a hot aluminum bag? And why is the egg suddenly square when it spills around the bottom of the bag like any other liquid? Still, the idea is good and I want the toaster either way.

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